TASO is teaming up with What Works for Children’s Social Care (WW-CSC) on a joint call for evidence and practice on programmes which aim to increase the progression to, and success in, higher education, of young people who are, or have been, in care.

This follows the publication of a report by What Works for Children’s Social Care, in collaboration with the University of Cardiff, which shows that young people with care experience, hold lower expectations of progressing to higher education, are less likely to attend, and that their expectations deteriorate over time more than their peers.

We are seeking higher education providers, local authorities, charities and other organisations to confidentially share information about the work that they are doing to support these individuals to access and succeed in higher education. We are particularly interested in evidence on the impact of this work. We are not necessarily asking for evidence of the best interventions or approaches, but examples of your strongest and most robust evidence, regardless of participant outcomes or methodology.

Evidence submitted will shared between WW-CSC and TASO and with our official subcontractors. We will use this evidence to help write a report, which we plan to publish later this year. However, no higher education providers, local authorities, charities or other organisations will be identified in any publication unless we receive written permission to do so. We may also ask your permission to refer to your evidence in a repository of best practice as part of our evidence toolkit.

To make a submission, please complete the below form. If you have any questions, please email info@taso-he.org.

Deadline for submissions: Extended – 7 August 2020


Care-experienced young people form

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  • IMPORTANT: Please do not submit any actual data. If your submission includes data analysis, please ensure that this is aggregated so that individuals cannot be identified. If you have any questions please contact info@taso-he.org and we can support you.