Evidence shows that mature students are more likely to drop out of their course than younger students. Mature students also tend to have poorer degree outcomes than young students. This project seeks to understand the challenges mature learners face in accessing and succeeding in higher education.

Our evidence review aims to:

  • Source and compile a database of evidence on the efficacy of interventions designed to support access, transition or success in higher education for mature learners.
  • Identify the strength of evidence, impact and any remaining evidence gaps.
  • Identify barriers that mature learners may experience when entering HE, including HE in a further education setting.
  • Identify factors affecting student success in HE that mature learners may face.

The findings from the evidence review, along with discussion and guidance from our Theme Working Group, will feed into the next stage of the project. The next stage will include conducting one or more online experiments testing different approaches to messaging for the recruitment of mature students onto HE courses.