Due to COVID-19 this research project has been postponed until 2021. 

TASO is seeking expressions of interest from higher education providers to take part in a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of pre- and post-16 summer schools occurring over summer 2020.

Providers can apply for a grant of up to £20,000 to enable them to engage a research assistant to lead on the project as well as to cover any expenses incurred for the purpose of the evaluation.

The project will include:

  • Project workshops to map out commonalities and differences between the summer schools in the project and to develop common evaluation and measurement frameworks
  • Implementation of the evaluation consistent with the protocol developed by the independent evaluator and agreed by TASO.
  • Altering the application and selection process for summer school participants to enable the evaluation to occur, including working with the evaluators to enable participants to be selected consistent with the randomisation protocol, and incorporating research consents and baseline questionnaires at an appropriate point.
  • Working with the TASO team on process evaluation to understand how the key elements of the summer school operate in practice and how this differs across target groups and contexts.
  • Facilitating the collection and provision of data required for the evaluation, covered by appropriate data sharing arrangements.
  • The opportunity to work closely with the independent evaluator and TASO team and develop your institution’s overall knowledge of evaluation techniques.
  • Participation in post-project debriefing with TASO and the TWG.

Note: if you have already started recruitment for your summer school, this does not necessarily preclude you from taking part. If this is the case, please state so in your application.

The deadline for applications for this call was Friday 14 February 2020.

If you have any questions, please email info@taso-he.org.