This event has already taken place. 

TASO has launched a new series of online webinar sessions designed to promote robust, thorough and effective evaluation in the higher education sector, and provide practitioners with the skills and knowledge they need to get the most out of their evaluation practices.

The ‘Unlocking Effective Evaluation’ series kicks off this November 2nd with an evaluation webinar on the topic of pretest-posttest design. The aim of this session is to help researchers and evaluators gain a better understanding of how to use their pre and post-event survey data to assess the impact of an intervention or scheme.

The series builds on the success of TASO’s evaluation hub and previous evaluation webinars, and seeks to make effective evaluation more accessible and widespread across the sector.

How to make use of your pre and post-event survey data

Time: Tuesday 2 November 11:00 – 12:00

Location: Online Zoom webinar

How to register 

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About the webinar

Pre and post-event surveys are a commonly used evaluation measure, but knowing what data to collect and how to use it can be a challenge. This webinar is an opportunity to hear from TASO’s evaluation experts about how to get the best out of pre and post-event surveys.

The session will be presented in three sections:

  • An introduction to the pretest-posttest design and when to use it.
  • A practical example of implementing the pretest-posttest design.
  • Q&A with the audience.

Who is it for

The webinar will be relevant for all researchers, evaluators and WP practitioners who are interested to learn more about how to make use of survey data that is already being collected before and after an intervention. If you don’t collect survey data before and after an intervention, that’s okay too, this is a good place to start thinking about it.

We have pitched this webinar at an intermediate level.Throughout the session, we will explain the theory, the practical application of the design and how to conduct pretest-posttest analysis.

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Look out for future webinars under the  ‘Unlocking Effective Evaluation’ banner, which are set to follow from early next year…