TASO is offering to match HE providers (HEPs) with members of our Panel of Evaluators and fund independent evaluation support to develop theories of change (TOCs) for attainment-raising activities/interventions. These activities should be targeted towards primary or secondary age school pupils and closely align with the types of activities set out in TASO’s attainment-raising evidence review and typology.

TASO will publish these TOCs as prototypes for the sector to use. It is an opportunity for participating HEPs to build internal evaluation expertise specifically in relation to designing high-quality TOCs, and contribute towards TASO’s ambition to support better evaluation of attainment-raising activities.

TASO will fund members of our independent Panel of Evaluators to work with HEPs and develop TOCs on attainment-raising activities/interventions. Once developed, these TOCs will be published and accessible for the wider sector to use.

We are particularly interested in supporting proposals that relate to activities/interventions that are:

  • Targeted towards primary or secondary age school pupils;
  • Specifically designed to reduce equality gaps, whether delivered as part of a universal offer or through more targeted support to disadvantaged or underrepresented groups;
  • Commonly used by the sector (see examples in full ITT below)

How to apply

To find out more about the project and details on how to apply, read the full invitation to tender document (ITT) here.

The deadline for applications to take part in this project is midday on Friday 15th July 2022. If you have any questions regarding this open call, you can get in touch with the team at research@taso.org.uk.

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