TASO has teamed up with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to produce a comprehensive guidance on research ethics, which is launching to the sector today.

The guidance is designed to support those who work on widening participation and student success in Higher Education (HE) navigate ethical considerations and deliver best practice in research/evaluation while respecting the rights of participants and minimising any potential harm.

The guidance has been produced by TASO alongside the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to provide standardised ethics principles for field research on widening participation and student success.

As well as the core guidance document, we’ve provided a number of resources including practical case studies and template consent forms, all available on our website, to unpack research ethics for practitioners, whether you’re relatively experienced or new to the area.

We are delighted to be launching this research ethics guidance. We feel it’s important to equip the sector in their navigation of the ethical considerations that come with using a variety of research and evaluation methodologies and we hope that this guidance will be useful for experienced researchers and those who are newer to the world of Higher Education research and evaluation.

Rain Sherlock, Evaluation Manager, TASO


The process of consulting in this guidance for the sector has shown how committed researchers are to both high quality research evidence and ‘doing right’ by students. The guidance seeks to bring together advice and scholarship on research ethics in a way that is pertinent to the work of the sector and reflects the prior ethical commitments of the UK research community. It has been a collaborative effort by TASO, key stakeholders and the UCLan team. We are grateful to all those researchers, managers and policy makers who have given their time and advice.

Richard Davies, Higher Education Research and Development Lead, UCLan

Check out the guidance here

We will be hosting an introduction webinar alongside UClan where we’ll be talking through the guidance and answering questions on how to navigate and apply it to your research projects. The webinar has been scheduled for the 30th March, so those interested have some time to look through the guidance and come prepared with questions should they wish to.

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