TASO has a number of research projects underway to help eliminate equality gaps in higher education.

Working with a variety of expert research partners including higher education institutions and social impact specialists, our Research & Evaluation team is overseeing an ambitious portfolio of research projects, designed to improve the sector’s access to high-quality, robust evidence on what works to eliminate inequalities in higher education.

Our research projects sit under our research themes, which are guided by our Theme Working Groups and were chosen following a period of consultation with the sector.

Below, find further information on the research that is currently underway.

Theme 1: Effectiveness of Widening Participation Outreach

Multi-intervention outreach and mentoring (MIOM)
Summer school evaluation

Theme 2: Gaps in the Student Experience

Race equality gaps
Teaching and Learning in the time of COVID

Theme 3: What works for employment and employability

What works to reduce equality gaps in employment & employability

Theme 4: What works for mental health & disability

Mental Health in Higher Education (HE)
What works to reduce equality gaps for disabled students in higher education (HE)

Other projects

Value of Higher Education (HE)