The Evaluation Advisory Group and Academic Advisory Panel provide TASO with guidance on methodology and approaches to evaluation.

The members play a vital role in shaping TASO’s work by producing timely, rigorous and appropriate evidence of what works to support young people’s journeys into and during higher education.

The Evaluation Advisory Group brings together sector representatives with experience in evaluation to build a comprehensive understanding of the current state of evaluation in the sector. The group recommends the most effective ways to disseminate evaluative findings to practitioners and assesses TASO’s research and evaluative output by prioritising accessibility, comprehensibility and applicability of findings for the wider sector.

The Academic Advisory Panel consists of nationally recognised experts in evaluation and methodology, particularly in the areas of education and higher education. The group provides peer review and guidance on TASO’s evaluations.

Evaluation Advisory Group Members

  • Emily Warwick, Widening Participation Strategy and Evidence Manager, Cardiff University
  • Fiona Cottrell, Evaluation and Data Manager, University of West of England
  • Dr Jemma Basham, Strategic Lead for Access and Participation, University of Cumbria
  • Jenny O’Hare, Programme Manager: Strategic Review of Mental Health Provision, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Julian Crockford, Chief Programmes Officer, Villiers Park Educational Trust
  • Liz Hurley, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, University of Leeds
  • Naomi Clements, Research and Evaluation Officer, Southern Universities Network
  • Naomi O’Brien, Research and Evaluation Coordinator, University of Bristol
  • Dr Simon Lewis, Director of Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence, University of Greenwich
  • Matthew Horton, Evaluation Manager, University of Wolverhampton
  • Megan Hubbard, Head of Widening Participation, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Jack Walker, Monitoring, Evaluation & Student Data Officer, University of Manchester

Academic Advisory Panel Members

  • Dr Michael Sanders, Reader in Public Policy King’s College London
  • Professor Simon Burgess, University of Bristol
  • Professor Christine Broughan, University of Northumbria
  • Dr Sonia Ilie, Senior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • Associate Professor Dr Billy Wong, University of Reading
  • Professor Gabriella Cagliesi, University of Sussex
  • Professor Paul Wakeling, University of York
  • Associate Professor Dr Anna Mountford-Zimdars, University of Exeter
  • Dr Louise Ashley, Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Dr Nikki Shure, Associate Professor in Economics, University College London
  • Professor Denise Hawkes, Head of School of Economics, Finance and Law, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Dr Susila Davis, Senior Research Fellow, University College London
  • Dr Paul Campbell, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leicester